Five Summer Styling Trends

Summer is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to refresh your home’s interior style. From small but effective styling additions to full room transformations, we have the top five interior trends of the season:

  1. The Best Care is Self-Care

‘Self-spaces’ have becoming increasingly popular with 34% of Brits creating an area for those moments where you need to relax, have some ‘you’ time and escape the hustle and bustle of your household.[1]

In these rooms, use neutral or soft colours, natural materials like wood and opt for minimalist design to create a calming ambience. Add comfortable furniture which allows you to curl up and unwind and have subtle lighting such as a lamp with a warm light bulb. Styling items, for example luxury candles and fragrant sticks, are a great addition to these rooms.

Interiors by Haus are experts in creating comforting ‘self-spaces’ as shown by their approach to our 5 bedroom show home, The Mackintosh. Felicity Stevens from Interiors by Haus comments: “We ensure every room is designed for each member of the family, differentiating the rooms using colour, texture and styling that was specifically tailored to the space. We also feel it is important to promote a sense of calm and relaxation”.

  1. Biophilic Design

This trend is all about connecting a space to nature by maximising natural light and ventilation. The easiest way to do this is to buy indoor plants, opt for sheer blinds and use simplistic design elements. Top tip: Macramé plant hangers are low-cost, effective and create an indoor garden feel. Why not find your inner creativity and make your own – there are lots of macramé DIY guides online!

  1. Considered Organisation

It has been said that a tidy home equals a tidy mind however we know this is not always easy, particularly if you have little ones running around. But, with a 700% increase in google searches for ‘decluttering’, it seems organised homes are one of this season’s hottest trends.

There are lots of clever and quirky ways to organise your household items. Try installing floating shelves on empty/plain walls. Either paint the shelves the same colour as the wall for a subtle storage option or use a contrasting colour to create an artistic statement.

  1. Bring the Countryside In

There is no doubt that the trendy, contemporary look is here to stay but so is rural-rustic home style. Maximalist décor with vibrant patterns and colours is a great way to keep your home interesting and stylish. Celebrate extrovert design by incorporating striped cushions, floral -wallpaper, geometric style and so on – the best thing about this trend? There are no rules so it’s hard to go wrong!

  1. Blue is the Colour

As the Pantones Colour of 2022, it is no surprise that interior designers are increasingly incorporating blue into their homes. Blue does not have to make you feel blue, the versatile colour can be used creatively and effectively around the home.

All-white kitchens are old news.  Instead, homeowners are becoming bolder, braver and brighter with their interior choices. The great thing about blue is that it compliments most colours and most materials such as gold metal and wood.

This summer, revive your home’s interior design and try out these different trends. With versatility at the core, you can easily make these trends suit your home style, whether that revolves around subtlety and neutrality, or vibrancy and extravagancy.


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